Product Complain Procedure :
Please note before sending, we always do a Quality Check on every item. The buyer can make a maximum complaint 2×24 hours, starting from the date of receipt (delivered) of goods in Expedition tracking status. More than 2×24 hours we assume goods are well received.
Goods can be exchanged / refunded If:
1. Product delivery error (model, brand, type, type)
2. Items not in accordance with the photos and description (Negligence of the Seller)
Goods can not be exchanged / refundable If:
1. Damage occurs due to negligence of buyer / sender (delivery courier)
2. There was a mistake ordering from the buyer such as wrong order color, wrong size, wrong type. (not receiving refund).
3. Buyer opens seal / unlocks machine / opening the inside of the machine
4. At the time of delivery of goods exposed to water or impact so that goods are damaged
5. The buyer does not give a clear description of the size or color of the product.  
You can contact us to complain by:
1. Contact our customer service via or whatsapp to the number 0812-1781-6206
2. Video unpacking proof of the product that is a reject + photo front package with your name, address and invoice number.
3. Complaints will be processed no later than 5×24 hours.
We do not accept complaints of deficiencies beyond the above provisions.
Shipping costs are borne by both the seller and the buyer.